Quantum Healing

Healing Principle 1:

In order to heal itself, our body simply needs Awareness. If we provide our body with Pure awareness, it can heal itself instantly from any disorder. As a healer, my role is to provide a deep level of Pure Awareness to the body of the person who needs healing, and the moment I do that, his/her body instantly starts correcting the disorder and the person usually gets cured from the illness in a very short period of time.


Healing Principle 2:

In order to create any change in the universe, what matters is not the amount of effort that we put in, but the stillness of the environment. If we put a big rock in an extremenly turbulent ocean, it will not create ripples, whereas, a tiny grain of sand dropped in a pond of still water, will instantly create ripples. The extent of impact created therefore does not depend on the amount of effort put in, but instead depends on the stillness of the environment. As a healer, my role is to create the stillness of the environment, and then simply drop a healing intention into it, which then instantly manifests into reality and the person gets cured from the health issue almost instantly.


Healing Principle 3:  

For any problem to be solved, we need to go down to a deeper level. This helps us to address the root cause and thereby achieve a quick and permanent solution. In case of healing a Body, for achieving greatest healing effectiveness, we need to go deeper and deeper below the body level to an Organ level, Cellular level, Atom level, Nano Particle level, Wave level or finally to the deepest level of existence which is 'Nothingness' or Empty Space' characterised by stillness, Silence and No-Mind. My role as a healer is to go down to this deepest level of existence, i.e. the Zero point and address the problem at that level. This immediately triggers a change at all levels above, leading to an instant resolution of the health issue.


Healing Principle 4:

Listening is extremely therapeutic. If a body has a problem, it always tries to communicate this problem to the universe. Simply listening to that communication can help that problem to get resolved instantly. My role as a healer is to listen to the body’s communication as deeply and completely as I can, using all my sensory abilities and act as a medium for the body’s communication to reach the universe. I create stillness and silence within myself and try to intently listen to the ailing body’s communication, thereby leading to instant healing.


Healing principle 5:

The feeling of Love if sent to anyone who is unwell can help in healing instantly. Love is nothing else but a powerful scalar energy generated in our heart chakra that can travel across distance, space and time and heal anything that has a disorder. My role as a healer is to access the feeling of deep unconditional love in my heart and simply send it to the body that has a  health issue. My awareness of Advaita (Non-Duality) allows me to experience tremendous love for the person who I am healing. This scalar energy of love when sent to the person immediately triggers a healing response and leads to instant cure for many health issues.    


Can INSTANT HEALING Really happen?


Yes.. It can and it does happen regularly. I have very often seen healings happen in less than 5 minutes after the healing process starts. For people who I treat, this appears nothing less than a miracle, however knowing that the healing simply is an outcome of following principles of the Quantum field, I would personally not choose to call it any kind of Magic.  


In the last four years, I have successfully used these healing methods on people facing various health issues such as Knee pain, Back pain, Frozen shoulder, Headaches, Migraine, Digestive disorders, Constipation, Acidity, Gastritis, Indigestion, Ear Ache, Throat Pain, Menstrual Cramps, Irregular Menstrual cycle, Tooth ache, Skin problems, Cervical spondylitis, Slipped Disc, Varicose Veins, Twisted limbs, Sprains, Swellings, Injuries, Fractures, Wounds, Heel Spur, Sinus related Problems, Stomach Ache, Liver disorders, IBS, Psoriasis, Stiff fingers due to Arthritis, Sciatica problems, Vertigo, Thyroid issues and even early stage of Cancer.


In most of these cases, people had approached me after conventional medicine had failed to give them relief even after taking medicines or physiotherapy for long durations and they were surprised to see how fast they got relief using this treatment. 


With just 5-7 minutes of treatment, more than 50 % cases got cured instantly. 30 % reported complete relief in the next 12-18 hours. 10 % needed 1 or 2 more sessions to get full relief. For remaining 10% cases, healing happened not where they expected, but in some other area of their life that was probably more critical, considering the bigger picture, which they had not even mentioned to me.


A lot of people ask whether healing can really happen instantly. Instant Healing happens using principles that work at the quantum level of our existence. Using these principles, change in health happens instantly and permanently thereby giving complete relief from various health issues. It makes use of the universal intelligence thereby leaving no possibility of any side effects. The healing gets done by a universal force, the person's body and the environment and intention that I have presented at that moment. Therefore, the treatment is not constrained by my limited knowledge of medicine or human biology. I am not a doctor and therefore do not have a very deep understanding of what is happening inside. In fact, I have realised that this lack of knowledge of medicine has made the healing process even more effective, since my mind doesnt interfere with the creation of the universe.


I have observed that the healing happens based on the following 5 healing principles: