This book on Instant Healing is a complete guide that will give you the ability to use 3 extremely Powerful Healing Techniques for healing yourself or others Instantly. After healing more than 600 people successfully from various health issues, Sachin Karve has presented these techniques in a way that is simple and easy to understand. This book will give you several insights into healing that happens at a Quantum level of existence.


Healing results that are achieved using these three techniques, are nothing less than miracles. With just 5 to 7 minutes of treatment, people have experienced recovery from health issues which were not getting cured by conventional medical treatment. These techniques work on both Acute as well as Chronic conditions.


The highlight of this book is

     1. Three powerful healing techniques covered in one book

     2. A very simple and easy to understand language used

     3. A step by step approach that is easy to follow

     4. Detailed description of the Fundamental Principles of Healing

     5. Plenty of actual healing experiences on a variety of health issues.


Anyone who reads this book, will be able to start healing self as well as others immediately and effortlessly.

This book covers three healing techniques i.e. 1. Healing using Heart Energy of Love, 2. Healing through Listening & Awareness and 3. Healing by Entrainment at the Zero point.


Getting to the Zero point, using the guidelines from this book, will be extremely helpful for those who are spiritually inclined and want to experience Stillness, Bliss and Awakening.


If you happen to live with a dream to be a Healer, then this is the book that you need to start reading right now.


You can read this book on your Mobile Phone using the free Kindle App. Amazon Kindle will allow you a free preview of the first three chapters which will help you to decide whether to read further. 

Learn how to become a Healer !!