Healing method:


The healing is done while you remain in the comfort of your home at a time that is mutually convenient. We will connect on Video call and the healing will be done using Remote Healing. Video call allows me to have a direct moment to moment feedback and response from your body and allows me to observe the healing indicators. In most cases, a single healing session gives results. However, in certain cases more than one healing session might be required. You could opt for the following options:


  1. Healing for a specific health issue that you face
  2. Full body healing - All 7 chakras for Chakra Correction to ensure general wellness


The 'Healing Therapy' page has details of each of the above option.



 - Fees for the healing session will be applicable only if the patient's body responds to the treatment. The first session normally gives an idea of how well the body is responding to the therapy.