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Quantum Healing

If you are here for healing, you can choose from the following options:

  1. A focused healing session for any health issue on Video Call
  2. A Healing session for your 7 Chakras on Video Call

Please let us know your intent and the health issues you face on the 'Contact us' page of this website. We will guide you regarding the most suitable approach. Details of the two options are as below:

Quantum Healing Therapy

Healing for any health condition will be done on Video call. The session will be of 30 Minute duration.


The right techniques will be chosen to help you get relief from the health issue faced. 


Fees will be charged per session but fees will be accepted only if an improvement is observed. Else you can choose not to pay anything.

Healing will be done for all 7 chakras using suitable techniques so as to release any blocks and correct the chakras. I will focus on specific chakras based on your feedback. 


The Chakra healing session will be of 45 Minutes duration on video call. 

Energy Exchange will be per session. 

How the Healing will be done: 

I will connect with you on Video call. You need to be sitting comfortably with your awareness to your body. While I am at the Zero point state, I will connect with your body following which the process of entrainment will take place. Your body will jump to the Zero point and will automatically trigger the requried corrections inside which you will be able to sense happening within in the form of tingling, vibrations or various other sensations. You have to keep telling me what sensations you feel inside your body and based on your inputs and based on what I observe as healing indicators on your body, I will keep modifying my approach and my focus. This will go on for 30 minutes. I might ask you to focus on certain areas in the body or go to certain events in your Past mentally and observe your physical and emotional response. If required, Cleanup of Emotional Trauma will be done. 

Usually there's certain change that happens immediately during the session and remaiing change contnues to hapen in the next few hours. We usually wait and watch what happens for the next 12-24 Hours and then decide the further course of action. Usually 1-2 sessions are good enough to resolve most health issues. 

Charges for Healing: Kindly contact us for details on the fees for the healing session. You will definitely find the fees to be very reasonable. Also, the fees are applicable only and only if your body shows a response to the treatment. Else you can choose to pay absolutely nothing. No Advance Payment is to be made. Payment only after the Session and that too, only if your body shows a response.

NOTE: For Healing Sessions: 

1. Very often, after a healing session is done, the body takes a few hours or a day to complete the healing process.

2. Some health conditions may require 1-2 or more sessions subsequently. That decision will be taken mutually. 

3. Usually, during the first session or in subsequent 2-3 days, we get clarity on the impact and further course of action.

4. Do not stop any medication prescribed by a doctor that you are currently taking.

5. Sometimes when the body gets into a cleanup mode, for a while it may make the symptoms increase temporarily.


Note: If someone cannot afford the healing session charges, the session will be done for him/her free of cost. 

Mode of Healing:  The healing session will be done using Video Call (Zoom, WhatsApp Video, Telegram Video Google Duo etc) 


Healing by Sachin was a miraculous experience. My entire body was vibrating automatically during this healing session. My body was responding like anything. Believe me I have taken lots of lots of medicine to reduce my back pain but by using zero point healing it went away immediately. - J N Mukherjee (Ahmedabad)   



It was an amazing healing experience. I had problems of indigestion and constipation. Sachin did just 3 sessions through video calling focussing his gaze and his hands. He could feel the obstruction in my intestines. He taught me as well to do the same exercise just once a day. There was no need for physical presence at all. I was totally free of the issues plaguing me. I now use the same technique for ANY other issue affecting my health. - R Aiyer (Mumbai) 



I was suffering from frozen shoulder since 2011 due to my continuous computer work, though it was cured but the shoulder used to pain continuously leaving me in deep pain and sleeplessness sometimes. I got to know about Sachin's healing therapy in April 2020, and took 2 sessions of 10 minutes each on Video Call. In the first session itself I felt relief and almost half of the pain was gone. The second session eliminated my problem and it also helped me to get rid of my improper neck movement in a particular way which was hampering my personality.... I am thankful to him and recommend everyone with old pains to experience the therapy. - Madhuvanti G (Silvassa) 


I have been suffering from Endometriosis and irregular periods for many years. This was accompanied with lot of spotting before my periods. After a single session by Sachin on Video call, the spotting has completely stopped. - Varsha M (Delhi)


Sachin treated me for severe back pain and leg pain. He simply waved his hands gently in the air and with one healing session, my back pain vanished. In a second healing session my leg pain too disappeared completely after a release of lot of vaat from my body in the form of more than 150 burps.  - Daksha (Mumbai)  



I knew Sachin from my professional days as a very compassionate trainer. It was only recently that I came to know of his magical healing abilities,  and especially when I had to personally seek his help to resolve a burning health issue that was troubling my head region. Sachin just got on a video call with me, did some moves with his hands on the affected area and shooed the pain away. The following two days was a release of excess unwanted energy from my body, and there I was a new human being. Sachin was kind enough to even teach me the technique, which I felt was very simple but extremely powerful. Such instant healing is really unheard of and is the key in an age like today where people are going through varied experiences owing to a very western lifestyle that has also resulted in disease. His healing is a blessing to individuals and society. Thank you Sachin. -Juri (Pune) 



I have been suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis for last 10 years. Initially, there was a huge pain in lower back & later it shifted to neck & then my my body posture got disturbed & resulted in forward stoop ( Calcium deposition in spine gaps). I tried multiple therapies including Ayurveda & Homeopathy along with allopathy medicines but nothing worked out. I have been managing the pain by taking injections called Remicade, which many friends advised not to take frequently as it has side effects on body & also it is too costly to have it. One of my colleagues  talked about Mr. Sachin's therapy of Instant Healing. I decided to try it as it does not involve any intake of medicines or any oil massage etc. In a single session of 20 minutes done on Video Call, 50% of my pain was gone and in next 1-2 sessions, I was completely pain free. Sachin has not only made me pain free but taught my wife how to heal me if I ever feel any pain. In simple way the whole journey was from Pain to NO Pain. I am sure it will help me in my posture correction soon. Big Thanks to Sachin for treating me. - Prasad Pathak, Mumbai

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