Heart Energy Healing


Heart Energy Healing uses the infinite power of the Heart Chakra to trigger a shift in reality and manifest good health almost instantly. Thousands of people from across the globe have successfully learnt this modality from my 'Masterclass on Heart Energy Healing' which is available as an online course. Most people have got excellent healing results for healing self and others immediately after completion of the course even without having any prior experience in energy healing.


Key Features of this course:


1. Lifetime Access to the course

2. Online access from any device (PC or Mobile Phone)

3. More than 40 Pre-recorded Video 

4. 5 Hour duration course and more videos being added regularly

5. Content includes Principles, Healing Process, Guidelines, Demonstrations & Healing experiences.

6. Content is continuously being added and updated with more healing experiences

7. You can connect with Sachin for any guidance on email, phone or video call

8. You will get a certificate on completion of the course 

9. The course worth 300 USD is offered at only 30 USD ( Approx 2500 INR) to make it affordable to all