Learn Quantum Healing

You are at the right place if :


A. You intend to learn Quantum Healing, one of the world's most powerful healing technique. 

B. You have health issues and want to heal yourself using Quantum Healing.


Quantum Healing happens to be one of the most powerful instant healing modality available today. Thousands of people from more than 100 countries who aspire to become Energy Healers have successfully learnt Quantum Healing by enrolling themselves for my '11 Hour Masterclass on Quantum Healing' which is available as an online course. Most people have got excellent healing results for healing self and others immediately after completion of the course even without having any prior experience in energy healing.


Key Features of this course:


1. Lifetime Access to the course

2. Online access from any device (PC or Mobile Phone)

3. More than 75 Pre-recorded Video 

4. 11 Hour duration course and more videos being added regularly

5. Content includes Quantum Principles, Healing Process, Guidelines, Demonstrations & Healing experiences.

6. Content is continuously being added and updated with more healing experiences

7. You can connect with Sachin for any guidance on email, phone or video call

8. You will get a certificate on completion of the course 

9. The course worth 300 USD is offered at only 35 USD ( Approx 2900 INR) to make it affordable to all


Sebaastian Wolters

Fabulous! Sachin is as down-to-Earth as it gets, well-grounded, genuine, no-nonsense and easy to follow. I recommend adding this course to your repertoire whether you're simply interested in the subject or aspire to become an Energy Healer. Easy 5 stars.


Florence Hyland

I loved this course. Sachin is an excellent teacher. With anything titled "Quantum" you would expect it to be complicated, but this course was straightforward and practical. The healing demonstrations allowed me to see Sachin in action which gave me confidence and also rounded out the whole teaching nicely. The section on the chakras really brought me to a new understanding of something I just wasn't completely grasping before this course; and I also appreciate Sachin's views on meditation because I have been struggling to make meditation an integral part of my life since it seems to have been placed on a pedestal and made inaccessible to modern day people. This defeats the purpose entirely. Now I feel so much clearer on so many things.

I will definitely be applying this Quantum Healing process to myself and my loved ones to begin with, and I will then see where my healing journey takes me. Thank you so much, Sachin! Namaste.


Edna Medinilla

Sachin Karve is a natural teacher. I was able to follow along and learn how to use my hands to heal my family and my self. Sachin does a wonderful job of explaining and showing how to do the quantum healing technique. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to be a healer.


Dr Allen Baby

This course has been amazing. The passion of Mr. Sachin in the subject is very evident in his teaching. It opens up a new world of opportunities for everyone. This course is definitely for everyone where the concept right from the basics are explained.


Sharon Senna 

Excellent course! As a Reiki Master, I was looking for ways to augment my healing abilities and techniques, as well as additional techniques to teach my students. Sachin Karve teaches practical methods that are easy to understand, while providing an appropriate level of detail and examples. I will be able to apply these techniques immediately for myself and others.


Michelle L. D'Ascanio

He was passionate about what he was teaching, although I have just finished and have not yet attempted any healing, I still fell I gained valuable information from this course


Robert Short

The meditation and healing technics were explained and demonstrated very well. An actual healing session with good results was shown. This is a very good course.


Eric Midy

Great course, great teacher. Pretty amazing to feel the healing indicators taught in here. Very useful stuff. It's time to stop being dependent on medecine and start gradually healing ourselves.


Hita Datt Dev

Loved the Course. Very detailed and informative. presented with a lot of integrity , sincerity and genuine concern for others. Stay Blessed and may your healing empower many.


Kati BBurgemeister

Hello Sachin, thank you for the great course. The chapter on meditation was particularly enlightening for me. A completely new, yet plausible way of understanding meditation. Great! Thanks a lot for this!


Magdalena Elizabeth Armes

Very comprehensive course. The approach is very practical and experiential. The explanations included some technical aspects but interspersed with very interactive and highly engaging examples. Deeply- rooted on a very profound and lofty spiritual precepts. Highly recommended! Deeply grateful for this life-changing course! Thank you, forever grateful!


Natalie Alexander 

This is a great course, I have been practicing on my self and others with wonderful results. Thank you Sachin!


Urvashi Melwani 

I found him clear, thorough & easy to understand. The healing examples really helped .



So beautiful can’t wait to heal the world. Thank you so much. May god bless you.


Wendy Ohlendorf 

Thank you very much for sharing your techniques for Quantum healing. This will be very easy for me to integrate into my healing practice. Excellent teacher, very informative, and easy to understand instruction.


Renuka Ramnunan

A very well done and well constructed course. The instructor is so sincere in his teaching approach and intention. I really enjoyed taking this course. It has expanded my own awareness and intention to heal. Thank you Sachin!

Sue Landsman

I appreciate how methodical and clear this course is. I've taken several classes before in energy medicine and never had anything explained this well before.


George Thomas

Excellent teacher!! I immediately felt sensations of magnetism in my hands and I was able to relieve a toothache after I'd called my dentist to have it removed. Cancelled the appointment! Will continue practicing each day and building proficiency.


Dr. David Marmaros

Dear Sachin, Thank you for your gift and work of love, giving and compassion to fellow people! I am soon completing the course and I also got the book, this technique has done wonders for my chronic pain. Just following what was shown and taught by you made my pain to mysteriously decrease, then throughout the day continued to decrease even more, I suddenly do moves that before made me ache in pain. With gratitude, David


Ramona Bousquet

Amazing!!! Easy to understand and to follow. An excellent teacher. I am grateful for the resources he supplied as well as his encouragement which helped me to practice the techniques with confidence. I was able to bring healing to my own painful knees


Mary Archbold

This course is connecting many dots with me as I expand my hypnotherapy practice. It's taking me to a deeper level of understanding and awareness of what can be done.


Sharon Kimura

Nicely done course overall and liked part where Mr. Karve demonstrated how to use his technique on someone. Suggestions were good and I especially liked thoughts about meditation and going to the zero point. Mr. Karve has a passion and deep interest in healing. I will practice the technique. Mr. Karve was very helpful when I asked a question. Written resources included for reference/review appreciated. Thank you for sharing your insights and this technique.


Jenny Wood

I just started the course, but this is exactly what I was looking for to achieve my healing journey. I also like Sachin's approach so far. He's very clear and I understand him very well despite the accent which I'm sure will become easier as the course progresses. Thank you Sachin.


Paul Townsend

Sachin Karve has answered so many questions that I have had over the last several years. With this one Quantum Healing Master Class, eight years of questions and mystery have been answered, and my life's purpose has become clear to me. Sachin, thank you from the depths of my being!


Litothong Kamly

Hi, Excellent course. Very detailed information. Video on a healing session was shown in detail. I was put on the spot to do a Quantum Healing on my son. I was only up to Section 16 of the course when he experienced a discomfort (not pain) in the lower region of his abdomen near his groin at about 10:00 pm last night. I suspect Hernia as he has already had a hernia operation a couple of years back. Family doctor was not opened this late. Will take him to the hospital tomorrow morning. So I did what I had learned so far in the course. He did not experience any sensation during the session. Woke up this morning with no discomfort. He mentioned last night while in bed all night he could feel his feet pulsating and twitching all night. That is a definite sign that there was a healing. Will do another healing session on him tonight. Now at 5:30pm still no sign of the discomfort. God bless you Sachin Karve for teaching this course and at such an affordable price. Keep up the excellent work. Highly recommend this course. Thank you so much.


Lera Padua

I really appreciate the lesson. It was presented with simplicity and clarity. Every section is interesting and Sachin really knew the topic with this heart . Great Teacher. Loved the masterclass. Cheers and Thank you!


Bijoux Cadamuro

Absolutely amazing course! Thank you so much for your course, it has given me so much hope for this world as well as greatly inspired me to be the healer I have always wanted to be! This healing technique resonates with me and I am so excited to put it to the test. With all of my sincere heart felt gratitude I say thank you once again for your well appreciated and treasured course! NAMASTE!


Yashoda Devadiga

Truly amazing! The explanation is so simple to understand and the demonstration shown makes it even more simple to practice. During the course itself I could feel sensations in both of my hands. Thank you so much!


Dr. Sashina Karamchund

Excellent presentation and effort. The instructor is clear, concise and knowledgeable. Thoroughly enjoyed this course.


Karmen Hunter

The trainer is knowledgable and breaks down the healing process step by step